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What a Busy Week for Year 6! W/c 4th July 2016

Year 6 have had a supremely busy time this week, as in addition to the International Day and their 1940s WOw Day, thay have also had three other days of special activities which all help to give them a great time at the end of their 4-year journey with us.


Year 6 Church Retreat Day
The children visited the Baptist Church this week for another opportunity to reflect upon leaving our school and moving up to secondary school.  The children enjoyed a number of activities which helped with their confidence, thinking and teamwork skills.  Valuable advice, guidance and support were offered to the children and we had a wonderful day!
Year 6 World of Work
Through liaison with the Community College, our Y6 children have been learning a little more about the world of work, potential careers and their futures.  Visiting guests, students and teachers have given an insight into their experiences and have helped the children to start thinking about their future aspirations.  The children have a final session next week which they are all looking forward to!

The year 6 children enjoyed a visit from ZooLab -they were given a presentation based on the rainforest, and interacted with many different creatures, learning more about their habitat and life cycle.