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Transitioning into CSPA in-year - 'Beginning your CSPA journey’

​Transferring your child to a new school during the school year is known as an in-year school transfer. There are a number of reasons why you might like your child to move schools during the year. For example, you're moving to a new area and your child's current school will be too far to travel to.

In-year applications are applications to start school now (or within the next month) and should be made directly via Buckinghamshire council. 


We offer the following transition arrangement to support children moving ‘in year’:

  • Prior to starting, a personal tour of the school for parents and children to meet staff, discuss routines and become familiar with the site

  • Where appropriate, the SENDCo will liaise with feeder schools late July to ensure transition of vulnerable children is managed well and to ensure children with SEND are clearly identified 

  • Children are matched up with a ‘buddy’ to support their transition into the school and help familiarise them with CSPA life

  • On your child’s first day, children are encouraged to enter via the School Office to meet their class teacher and buddy prior to the start of the day

  • Liaison with the previous school to ascertain information about your child including academic ability, behaviour and friendships and preferred learning style

  • Regular communication with parents in the first few weeks to share how your child has settled into CSPA