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At Chalfont St Peter Academy, pupils enjoy learning about maths. Pupils are exposed to the beauty and power of mathematics, they recognise the relevance of maths in everyday life and apply their knowledge to the world around them.

Pupils establish a secure understanding of the fundamentals of mathematics and learn to use their knowledge to solve more complex and sophisticated problems. Pupils are secure in their ability to reason mathematically, make connections and explain their answers effectively using mathematical vocabulary. Pupils develop a secure understanding, independence and resilience in maths. They are not deterred by setbacks and are encouraged to work hard to find solutions when faced with challenges. 




Our mathematics curriculum follows a coherent framework that ensures pupils develop a deep understanding, confidence and competence in maths. Adhering to the sequence of the White Rose Maths scheme ensures a logical progression between and within units throughout the school. 

At Chalfont St Peter Academy, maths is taught as an interconnected subject where pupils learn to make rich connections between ideas and concepts. Engaging and exciting lessons help to foster a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm in all learners. A collaborative and supportive environment ensures that pupils feel able to take risks, are inspired to ask questions and acknowledge the value of making mistakes. Pupils demonstrate an increasing understanding of mathematics through articulating their reasoning and responding to others’ thoughts and ideas using precise mathematical vocabulary.

Enrichment activities and wow days bring maths learning to life and create a lively atmosphere of fun, enjoyment and excitement. Memorable days such as these instantly enthrall pupils, inspiring a contagious excitement for learning and applying their mathematical knowledge to real life problems.  



At Chalfont St Peter Academy, we shape happy, competent and independent mathematicians who enjoy the challenge of maths. Pupils become secure, resilient and reflective learners who are motivated to work hard and keep going when faced with challenges. As a result, pupils at Chalfont St Peter Academy achieve well and make excellent progress in mathematics. 

When pupils leave Chalfont St Peter Academy, they are well equipped with the skills necessary to continue to flourish in maths. Pupils leave our school as confident, fluent and able users of mathematics.