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Year 6 Trip to Wales

Monday 13th June 2022

We have arrived safely at the Summit Centre in Wales! After a slightly delayed start, we had an incredibly smooth journey with a break for lunch and arrived shortly after 2:30pm. 

The children have been full of excitement and were keen to settle into their rooms with their friends. Until they were told they had to make their own beds!! They all did a great job and we are now doing an activity before getting ready for dinner and our evening activity. 

The children have been fantastic as expected and we are all looking forward to the week ahead - it's going to be brilliant!

I will update again tomorrow and post some pictures. 


Mrs Alburg

Tuesday 14th June 10:45am

Day 1of activities are underway! It is a beautiful day here in sunny Wales and after a good night's sleep, the children have already confidently and enthusiastically started their activities for the day. Some children are off-site on their waterfall adventure day, some are indoors at the climbing centre, some are kayaking and others are developing their bushcraft and archery skills! It is already wonderful to see the children and staff embracing all the centre has to offer and giving their absolute best. 


The children are all doing fantastically. They enjoyed a fabulous cooked breakfast and will soon be tucking into their packed lunch! I will give a further update with photographs later today. 


Have a great day!

Tuesday 14th June 2022 9:15pm


What a day! It has been our first full day of activities and the children have been brilliant! The day started with the first of the groups going off-site on their Waterfall Adventure Day. It has been lovely to hear the children return with stories of what an amazing day it was. So many of them commented on how it had been a first experience for them which is wonderful to hear!


Likewise, the children who remained at the centre threw themselves into each of the activities they took part in. Today, I have seen children taking on their very own Snowden at the indoor climbing centre. I have seen them try out new skills in bushcraft and archery. I have seen them return from the lake a little soggier than when they left and I have seen children challenge themselves in activities such as caving and crate stacking. They have shown great enthusiasm, courage and determination. For a first day...we couldn't have asked for more! Well done Year 6!


The children are just getting ready for dinner. Following that, we will have an evening activity altogether before a well-deserved night's rest. That goes for the staff and the children of course!


I hope you enjoy looking at some of today's photographs. Please check back for a further update tomorrow.


Mrs Alburg


Wednesday 15th June 2022 8:30pm


Day 2 has been another day full of fun! The children have continued to challenge themselves with the various activities and it has been a real pleasure to see them grow in confidence. Earlier today they shared their highlights and did so with big smiles on their faces - we are so proud of them!


This morning got off to a great start with waffles for breakfast - delicious! I had the pleasure of joining the Waterfall Adventure Day today and it was amazing! The scenery was spectacular and the children had the greatest fun sliding down the waterfalls! They were brave, enthusiastic and very willing to give their best at something very new! 


Back on site, Kayaking was tried for the first time. The children enjoyed their time at the lake and didn't even mind the old fall in! It cooled them down in the warm sunshine. 


Thank you to all of the children for making this week so much fun so far, the staff at the Summit Centre for their support and expertise and of course to the wonderful staff for their constant care of the children. We can't wait for tomorrow!


Have a lovely evening. 


Mrs Alburg


Thursday 16th June 2022 2pm

All is well again on another sunny day in Wales. Here are some more photos from Monday's Waterfall Adventure. I'll update with more photos later today.


Mrs Alburg

Thursday 16th June 2022 10:00pm


Welcome to the summary of our final day at the Summit Centre. Today Mr Hicks' group, Mr Briant's group and Mrs Halliday's group all ventured off-site for their Waterfall Adventure. Mrs Roffey's group had their turn at canoeing this afternoon and yes she did end up in the water! Mrs Bain's group also enjoyed canoeing and again they ended up in the water - Mrs Bain included! Miss Little's group, Mrs Finn's group and Mrs Hicks' group all took on the climbing challenge and so many of them reached the very top - so impressive! Mrs Burgess' group have had a varied day - kayaking in the morning and caving and crate-stacking in the afternoon. Phew! I'm exhausted just thinking about it all! It's been a pleasure to see all of the children in action again today. 


We're now starting to pack and tidy our rooms ready for our final night. A dinner of spaghetti and meatballs is next on the agenda!


I hope you enjoy today's photos. A further update will follow tomorrow including our estimated arrival time to CSPA.


Mrs Alburg



Friday 17th June

Year 6's estimated time of arrival is currently 3.00pm


2.55pm - Due to traffic on the motorway, the coaches have had to divert via Slough where there is also heavy traffic. Therefore ETA will be slightly later than expected.