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At CSPA, the Music curriculum is structured so that all aspects of music are covered in each year group and clear progression is evident as the children move up through the school. The curriculum comprises of singing, playing, composing, improvising, performing, the History of Music, listening to music and appraising music.  

Music is taught by a specialist teacher and the children have the opportunity to learn a new instrument each year.  Year 3 learn the glockenspiel, Year 4 learn the Guitar, Year 5 learn the Djembe (African drum), and Year 6 learn the Keyboard.  

Theory of Music is taught from Year 3 onwards, so that children are able to read basic music notation by the time they are in Year 6.  A wide variety of historical periods, styles, traditions and different musical genres are explored to develop a strong sense of curiosity, appreciation and respect for the diversity that music has to offer from across the world.  In addition, strong links with the Church and learning to sing traditional hymns are firmly embedded in the School’s ethos.  



The class Music lessons are inclusive and as practical in nature as possible.  They allow all children to access the curriculum in a fun, exciting and engaging way, in turn promoting a love of Music and a love of learning.  The progressive curriculum ensures that the children have the opportunity to review, remember, deepen and apply their understanding. 

The elements of music are taught in the classroom so that children are able to use some musical terminology.  This enhances their understanding, expression when playing and performing, composing skills and improvisation, analysis and ability to articulate their thoughts and feelings about music.  

Wider musical opportunities are offered in our Choir, Orchestra, String Ensemble and Brass Ensemble.  A team of experienced visiting music peripatetic staff offer individual and group lessons on the drums, brass instruments, string instruments, woodwind instruments and guitar.  Performing opportunities include participating in the classroom, in School concerts, School productions, Church events, assemblies, open days and collaborative concerts with other schools through events run by the local Music Centres. 



Children will have been challenged to reach their full potential and their creative excellence nurtured through the broad, varied and rewarding curriculum. They will have developed their own thoughts, opinions and ideas, enabling them to choose their musical taste and path with confidence.  They will have experienced a sense of achievement, increased their self-confidence, ignited their imagination, sparked their curiosity and developed a life-long love of Music, whether that is as a listener, creator or performer.