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Presentation of Magna Carta : Monday 16th March 2015

Presentation of Magna Carta : Monday 16th March 2015

2015 brings with it a landmark anniversary; not just for British history, but for human rights around the world.  On June 15th, it will be 800 years since the signing of the Magna Carta by King John of England and 25 of his Barons at Runnymede, near Windsor.  The children have all enjoyed an assembly in their year groups providing an overview of this event; its historical causes and consequences and its wide reaching impact throughout time and around the world.  As a follow up to this, the children were asked to think about the importance of people's rights and create their own set of rights for children in school.


The culmination of this mini school topic about the Magna Carta came on Monday when Dr. Kevehazi came in to speak to the whole school about this famous English document.  Being a passionate local historian, Dr. Kevehazi has established a fund to help raise the awareness of the Magna Carta throughout schools in Buckinghamshire.  She is visiting many schools and presenting free copies of an 18th Century English print of the Magna Carta, the original of which is owned by her family.  So far she has presented over 2,000 copies to local schools.  Dr. Kevehazi gave an exceptionally informative assembly to the children about the history of the Magna Carta and answered a few questions from the children.  A prize miniature copy of the Magna Carta print was also given to the child who asked the best question about the document.  Jake Barry of Year 6 was the deserving winner with a very perceptive question, "How did the King and Barons of England notify the people of Magna Carta and its clauses?"


We hope this series of activities and events has given the children a chance to reflect on not just the proud history of England, but also the importance of human rights around the world.


"Thank you for all the work you put into planning our visit and also collecting the student’s questions. I am sure your students, as well as your colleagues, appreciate your efforts.

As requested by the Headmistress Mrs Underwood, I am attaching the photos. Please convey our thanks to her. We were very impressed with her friendly manner.

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting your school, the warm and lively atmosphere and the prayer at the end of the Assembly. Please send us additional pictures and your feedback from the students.


Best regards,


Dr Laura Mann Kevehazi


Magna Carta World Heritage"