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Netball Tournament Review

Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for the Chiltern and south Bucks primary schools’ netball tournament! Unfortunately the weather was not what we hoped for with wind and showers, but we all persisted and the day was a success. 


As we all arrived, there were lots of other familiar school names that were popping up on the back of school tracksuits (over 24 teams took part). During the firsts rounds the B team had mixed results and go through to the runners up league.  They played really well in difficult conditions and some of the players were very new to the squad.


The A team started their round winning all bar one match.  The teams were even at the top with points.  It was tight, but we got through into the plate on goal difference. We started the round and we battled through and won every match convincingly. As the final game came to an end we all squeezed into the club house and the results were amounts… the B team came fourth in their league and the A team WON!  


Well done to all the players that took part.  


Report By Ella (Yr 6)