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Arts Week 2017 Highlights

In year 6 we designed workhouse boys inspired by Oliver Twist. First we had to sketch the outline of the character we were creating. After doing that, everyone painted their character using watercolours. Finally, using a black pen everyone outlined their creation to make it look even better! In the afternoon the teachers introduced an activity which we designed a silhouette of Victorian London linked to musical scenery. Also we watched and sang some of Oliver Twist which gave us an understanding of the story. It was great fun and we used lots of different skills.

In Year 5 we created and designed shoebox theatre sets. First we had to make the background of the scene. To do this a lot of people used patterned paper and crepe paper to create an amazing effect. Some people made characters on lollipop sticks then poked holes in the box to make them move around which really made the stage come to life!

In Year 4 we looked at animals in theatre and made mini snakes and dragon puppets. To make the snakes everyone used kitchen roll then cut it in half. After that everyone decorated their snake using gems, coloured paper, googly eyes and feathers. Next we had to create the body by gluing paper and also folding it that created a paper chain which we then stuck to the head of the snake. The next thing we did in year 4 was making a Chinese dragon puppet. First we had to colour and cut out the dragon. Then, we picked up some crepe paper and folded it and stuck it to the head and the tail of the dragon. We think they looked fantastic!

In year 3 we were inspired by theatre production props and we created our own puppets and masks.  We used lots of different materials and techniques to create our own wonderful finished pieces.

On top of all this we enjoyed a theatre production, stomp style junk percussion drumming, musical theatre workshops, west end in school workshops, giant paper sculptures – we loved it all! Thank you so much to Ms. Meek and all the teachers for organising a fantastic and jam packed week