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Year 4 Viking Wow Day 2013

On our Year 4 Viking Wow day we started to make amazing, excellent Viking long ships; we had learnt all about them and Viking raids in our lessons with Mrs Cole.


We built our ships from cartons and straws. We had to design our own dragon head, shields and sails. We painted our boats and then put them together. When we had finished, they looked great with all their shiny shields and fierce dragons on the front.


After that we had to get into groups of 6 and list all the things we thought we'd need on a Viking raid. Later, we were taken to the hall in our crews again and ordered to get into our imaginary ships which we had named in the hall. Inside our longships was all the cool equipment we had listed. Then Mrs Cole shouted problems that would happen on our raid. We had to use the resources we had packed to get over the problems. It was really good fun and tricky solving all the scenarios as we had to work as a team and be inventive.


By Abby & Harvey (Year 4)

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