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Who's Who

Staff List 2019/20


Senior Leaders

Mrs H Broad                                      



Mrs N Alburg

Mrs S Valentine

Assistant Headteacher (SLT)

Assistant Headteacher (SLT)

Year 3  
Ms B Meek Year Leader (SLT)  

Ms B Meek & Mrs K Cook

Miss R Badrick 

Class 1

Class 2

Mrs L Newton & Mrs K English Class 3
Year 4   
Mrs S Valentine Year Leader, SENDCo & Assistant Headteacher
Ms N Metcalf & Mrs S Valentine         Class 4
Mrs K Botia Class 5
Miss J Murray Class 6
Year 5  
Mrs L Roffey Year Leader (SLT)
Mrs L Roffey & Mrs R McCloskey Class 7
Miss R Pool Class 8
Mrs S Horton Class 9
Year 6  
Mrs N Alburg Year Leader & Assistant Headteacher
Mrs C Finn & Mrs N Alburg Class 10
Mrs J Gale & Mrs R Burgess Class 11
Mr C Hicks Class 12
Arts Team   

Ms H Waegner

Mrs S Fiske

Music Teacher

Art Teacher

Mrs C Lipscombe

Drama Teacher



Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs M Downie French Teacher
Learning Support Staff  
Mrs A Baldowska  
Miss A Claridge  
Mrs J Eggleton  
Mrs L Halliday  
Mrs J Honeyben  
Mrs G Kelly  
Mrs S Kwasnik  
Mrs L Lown  
Mrs T Marr  
Mrs G Nye  
Ms C Pierce  
Mrs D Randall  
Mrs C Snoch  

Mrs F Weatherill

Administrative Staff  
Mrs M Hughes Business Manager - HR and Academy Operations 
Mrs G Larnder Finance Assistant
Miss K Little Business Manager - Finance
Mrs N Montaut Office Manager/Admissions Secretary
Mrs G Nagle Reception / Administration Assistant 
Lunchtime Supervisors  
Mr D Beecham  
Mrs G Kelly  
Mrs E Kotecha  
Mrs E Old  
Mrs C Paias  
Mrs D Randall  
Site Manager  
Mr P Eggleton