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The Arts

The Arts


Weekly music lessons take place during Arts mornings/afternoons, where the children will work within mixed groupings to enjoy music under one of the whole school themes. We aim to enable all pupils to experience a wide variety of musical styles, to learn something of the history of music and to enjoy performing their own compositions.

Peripatetic music teachers visit the school weekly for strings, woodwind, percussion and brass instruments, and the children receiving this tuition are entered for Associated Board examinations. Parents will be asked to make a financial contribution for this activity.


We pride ourselves on the quality and variety of musical experiences on offer, from individual tuition to participation in whole school projects. Our annual Music Concert is held where children who are learning a musical instrument, at whatever level, have an opportunity to perform for parents and every other year the choir have the opportunity to perform at the Royal Albert Hall. Other events include the Amersham & Chesham Music Festival where local schools perform together and many varied opportunities occur for singing in the community.


“provision and investment in the arts allows you to meet (Gold Standard) criteria confidently  and the quantity of your provision …. is a distinctive strength”
Artsmark Gold Validation Report 2014


The school has a large choir and orchestra and a Swing Band who meet regularly to rehearse and perform in a variety of settings, including festivals and concerts.


In Art, emphasis is given to the practical elements that support the development of visual perception, as well as the skills associated with investigating and making, in art, craft and design. This involves recording what has been seen, imagined or remembered, gathering and using a variety of materials and resources by applying different techniques and then modifying work, as it progresses.


Knowledge and understanding of art involves pupils in looking at different kinds of art and their varying characteristics, from different periods, cultures and traditions. They can then apply their knowledge of the work of other artists to their own work.


Participation in a wide variety of competitions achieves recognition for the high quality of art delivered, through our many successes.


In Drama, children receive specialist teaching weekly to encourage the self-confidence to perform and believe in their own ideas and abilities and the imagination to take risks to perform in front of an audience. Skills of empathy, collaboration memory and concentration are such important aspects for future success in life, we firmly believe in the role of Drama within the curriculum.


Whole school initiatives, such as exhibitions and Arts Weeks, enable all children to participate in new activities to present their work to others.

During Arts mornings/afternoons, the sessions are devoted entirely to, practical and creative activities in Art, Music Drama, taught by specialist teachers in these areas. Whole-school themes draw together the cross-curricular links between the subjects and give all the children a common project on which to focus. The aim is to provide an emphasis on creativity and deliver a curriculum that is exciting and challenging.

The Artsmark Gold Award (2014) acknowledges the richness and breadth of our arts programme within the school, with visiting artists in all mediums creating an invaluable opportunity for our children to express their artistic talent and benefit from the skill and expertise of professionals.


“Pupils also achieve high standards in art, drama and music."
Ofsted 2009


Children are encouraged to build and develop their confidence when performing on the stage. Year groups present productions at Christmas time both at school and in the the school. 


“Your inclusivity allows those that wouldn’t ordinarily flourish the chance to do so through your productions. This is a distinctive strength of your school. ”
Artsmark Gold Validation Report 2014



“Your strengths are your staff, celebrations of the arts and your extra curriculum provision.”
Artsmark Gold Validation Report 2014


Dance is an integral part of our Arts provision with opportunities within the PE programmes of study and beyond. Dance allows children to be social in a relaxed and fun way which can bring togetherness and create friendships. This is important for learning and boosting self-esteem in children, all of which makes a difference to academic success. In addition to the obvious benefits of exercise, dance allows children to release energy in a positive and healthy way, whilst concentration levels are increased through focus on the movements being made. 

A variety of dance genres are taught through children’s journey in the school - there are so many different styles of dance to be enjoyed with a diverse selection of music. With the many different dance genres all children can enjoy different aspects of dance without even realising it. Performances within assemblies, ‘Chalfont’s Got Talent’ competitions, Arts Evenings and so on provide children with the boost to their confidence through the appreciation of their audiences. Visiting groups lead workshops within topic areas and Arts Weeks, connecting frequently with our International themes and wider learning.