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Science is a lively engaging subject requiring practical, investigative skills and we aim to keep our children fully enthusiastic through real life problem solving activities. Children are grouped according to their knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts, providing a positive environment for their skills to flourish. 

The school’s programme of study is organised as year group topics rangiing from 'Forces and Magnets' in Year 3 to to 'Evolution and Inheritance' in Year 6. All topics reflect the over-arching key areas in the National Curriculum of:


  1. Working scientifically – developing skills of enquiry in science based on observations, prediction and interpreting skills.
  2. Life and living processes
  3. Materials and their properties
  4. Physical processes


PSHCE is taught throughout the school to ensure that the children are equipped for life with a knowledge of a healthy, safe lifestyle, and this is delivered through the context of ‘Every Child Matters’. We aim to provide pupils with the skills which will enable them to understand further their own minds and bodies and to give them a sound basis from which they can make informed choices and decisions with regard to their future role as citizens.


PSHCE is concerned with the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes which it is desirable to develop in young people but which may not be incorporated through the basic curriculum. School planning will reflect the values and ethos of our school. Much of the work related to PSHCE will be presented in scenarios that relate to everyday life, giving the opportunity for children to discuss and consider situations with their peers in circle time forum.


“Provision contributes effectively to pupils’ capacity to be healthy and safe, and is underpinned by the personal, social, health and citizenship (PSHCE) programme."
Ofsted 2006


“Very high expectations and carefully planned, interesting work enables all to achieve particularly well in science.”

Ofsted 2009

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