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Safer Internet Day Tuesday 7th February 2017


Tuesday was the national "Safer Internet Day", during which we took the opportunity to share a presentation during whole school assembly to provoke some thinking amongst our children about their own use of the internet. We hope that it may open up discussion opportunities at home with parents and provide a platform for your own discussions.

During our e-safety workshop for parents in October last term, our provider raised issues for parents to think about with regard to children's access to and use of internet-enabled devices at home.


Click here for links to websites to inform you about keeping your child safe on the internet.



The internet is an amazing and enormous place! It provides us with great images, information and communication opportunities. BUT with all that opportunity, there comes a little bit of risk. Be Smart on the Internet!
If you have a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, Kindle, Playstation or X-box - you can access the internet. Do you know how to use the internet safely? Do you let adults know what sites you are using?
Keep your information private and protect yourself from unknown Internet "trolls" - remember these three easy rules J