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Religous Education

Religious Education & Collective Worship


Children participate in collective worship during whole school, year group and class assemblies. There are close links between the school and St Peter’s Church; the vicar visits regularly.

We feel it is important for children to develop sound moral values and to realise our interdependence on other individuals, groups and nations. This is best achieved by the example and influence of all adult members of the school community. The curriculum mainly reflects a broad based Christian approach, though this also involves discussion of other people’s religions and their ways of life. Across the broad curriculum, we strive to encourage and develop an understanding and respect of others’ beliefs and cultures.


“Worship is vibrant and relates well to pupils’ experiences and interests, with opportunities to reflect on how they can apply its messages to their own lives.”
 SIAMS Inspection 2014


With improved communications it is vital that pupils know about, understand and accept other cultures and their origins, not only in the world at large but in their own country and locality. The school seeks, through the ethos of its curriculum and the life of the school, to develop in its pupils an awareness of the multi-cultural nature of our society.


We are always pleased to welcome children of other denominations and beliefs. Parents who, on religious grounds, wish their children to be withdrawn from our school assemblies and R.E lessons should contact the headteacher. Individual arrangements will then be made for their children during these occasions.


“(Pupils) …thoroughly enjoy RE lessons because activities are interesting and enthuse pupils to learn about the Christian faith and the faiths of others..”
 SIAMS Inspection 2014


“The effectiveness of the religious education is outstanding.”  
SIAMS Inspection 2014


“Whole-school projects, … enable pupils to develop their global and cultural awareness”
Ofsted 2009