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Punctuality and Attendance

School policy regarding leave of absence

We enjoy a high level of attendance, with children keen to be in school and working to ensure a happy and hardworking environment. Good attendance and punctuality are life skills which we strongly support, and in the context of school ensures the continuity of your child’s learning which is essential for progress and achievement. Every school has attendance monitored by the local authority, as well as Ofsted during an inspection. The Governing Body and Senior Leadership Team have adopted the Buckinghamshire County Council policy which will not authorise absence for holidays. Should parents continue to take children out of school for term-time holidays, this absence will be recorded as unauthorised with a warning letter issued and if this is repeated in the future, the Educational Welfare office at Bucks County Council will issue a Penalty Notice. If there are genuine extenuating circumstances for taking a holiday in term-time, a request, made in writing with documentary evidence will be considered but please be advised that this will be an exception rather than the norm.


Absence through Illness

If your child will not be in school for the day, please email giving your child’s name, year group and class and the reason for absence.  Please note that an email must be sent on each day that your child is not in school. 


Late Arrivals

If your child arrives late into school, after the closing of the register he/she will need to be signed in at the school office and a reason given. Late arrival is closely monitored. If it is necessary to take your child out of school during the school day for an urgent appointment that cannot be made out of school hours, a letter must be written to the class teacher and he/she must be signed out via the school office. When a child has not arrived in school and a reason has not been supplied, a telephone call will be made to the child’s contact number(s) to enquire.


Attendance Policy 

A copy of the Attendance Policy can be found in Key Information/Policies.