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Year 6 French Trip 2018

Update: Friday 22nd June


We are all home safe and sound; exhausted but full of stories to tell and experiences to share. It has been such a memorable week and one that I will certainly cherish. To the Year 6 parents - your children were wonderful this week. They not only represented themselves, CSPA and English school children superbly well, but they were also great fun to be with. I'm so proud of you Year 6 - well done! My thanks go to the fantastic staff who joined me on the trip ensuring that all of the children were their number one priority and that they had the very best time. Thank you to Mrs Roffey, Ms Meek, Mrs Kwasnik, Mrs Weatherill, Miss Murray, Mr Briant, Mr Underwood, Mrs Finn, Mrs Sadler, Mr Leach and my greatest thanks go to the wonderful Mrs Downie! What a wonderful example of the CSPA family at its best!