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Year 6 French Trip 2018

Update: Wednesday 20th June 2018 at 19:20


Wow! We've had another incredibly busy but hugely enjoyable day here in France. Today was all about Le Mont St Michel. After a fairly long journey, it was finally in sight and the challenge of climbing to the top was ahead of us. 


We all enjoyed marvelling at the beautiful sights as we got closer and closer to the top; the view was spectacular! Upon reaching the top, our group of mature, thoughtful and respectful 82 children stepped into the abbey during a service. This was a special and memorable moment, and an important part of the tradition of our trip.


We then made our way to the biscuit factory to buy souvenirs for home. At the same time, the children continued with their watercolour paintings which are starting to look wonderful.


We are now enjoying dinner before making our way to the beach for some games. We'll sleep well again tonight!


Update at 22.20


The children enjoyed every moment of the games on the beach. Before that, we had a giant game of 'Heads Down Thumbs Up' - even the staff joined in!


We'll definitely sleep well tonight!