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Year 6 French Trip 2018

Update: Monday 18th June 06:19


Rise and shine! We have just woken up after a good nights sleep and we are currently enjoying our breakfast whilst waiting for the go ahead to make our way to our coaches. The children are being superb and we are all looking forward to our first stop at Pegasus Bridge. Further updates to follow along with some first photographs!


Update at 22:30


It's been a fantastic first day and the children have been, as expected, wonderful to be with. We've packed so much into today and the children are now settling into their beds for a well-deserved sleep.


Our day started at Pegasus Bridge which included a visit to our friends at Cafe Gondree and an opportunity to view the original bridge at Pegasus Museum. We were then back on the coach for the short journey to Bayeux and the first opportunity to see this lovely town and its beautiful cathedral in all its spectacular glory. 


We had a delicious meal at Le Petit Normand and the children practised their French speaking with the lovely staff. We were now re-fuelled for the afternoon ahead which included a visit to the Bayeux Tapestry and the wonderful cathedral. We also took the opportunity to start our watercolour painting by capturing just a small aspect of the cathedral with the beautiful blue sky backdrop.


A favourite highlight of the day must be when the children met their French pen pals for the first time. It was delightful to see the children share languages, form friendships and enjoy common interests. The children from St Josephs also performed a dance for us to enjoy!


It has been a superb first day; memories are already being created and we can't wait for tomorrow to start!