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Walk to School Week

Walk to School Week November 2016


We have had a very successful ‘Walk To School and Be Healthy Week’ with lots of families walking to school and bringing lovely packed lunches including fruit and vegetables. The CoOp were particularly generous, providing a wide range of fruit and vegetables for each class and enough for two days – the children loved it and many tried different food to what they would normally have.


On Tuesday the children enjoyed wearing their ‘groovy shoes’ and ‘groovy slippers’ to school. Thanks to the ‘Walk To School and Be Healthy’ Y6 team, who seemed to embrace their responsibilities by having lots of fun at the same time, we have now collected data on each class and the healthiest class will receive the ‘Walk To School and Be Healthy’ trophy. Lots of lovely homework selfies are gradually filtering through (the deadline for many classes is Monday 28th November). The winner from each class will receive a prize and judging will commence next week. Thank you for the enormous amount of ‘Parking Pledges’ received but please keep sending these in next week.


The ‘Walk to School and Be Healthy’ team closed the week with a conga in the playground! We look forward to another week in the summer!