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Walk to School - Be Healthy Week

We’ve had a fantastic spring term ‘Walk To School and Be Healthy Week’ . Launched by Miss Murray, the children learned about the Amantani UK project, which helps children in Peru avoid up to 8 hours of walking to school and back home every day.  Groovy Shoesday was yet again welcomed by the children and raised money for the Peruvian boarding school – thank you for your kindness. It was lovely to see so many families walking to school and increasingly healthy packed lunches including fruit and vegetables.


To further promote healthy eating, The Co-Op were once again very generous, providing bananas, apple juice and summer berries for Year 5 to make their smoothies and think about how their smoothies could be advertised. Year 3 were incredibly creative in their sandwich designs and Year 4 made some delicious cupcakes with a healthy  twist. We look forward to seeing the children’s lovely 2 course menu homework and hope this encourages them to get cooking more often.


The week was also about fitness. Ms Wise’s basketball challenge was more popular than ever before with many children participating. Year 4 ran a mile a day and Year 3 also walked a mile on a couple of days throughout the week. Mr Hicks brought in instructors to teach handball and tennis. Mr Briant organised an exciting game on the field, in which the children never seemed to stop running! They have also been measuring their pulse rates ,plotting corresponding barcharts and calculating food miles using packaging labels. Based upon the theme of ’health and fitness’, Year 6 have been designing and making their wonderful spring fair games.


Thanks to the Year 6 ‘Walk To School and Be Healthy’ team, we have noticed a huge improvement in the parking around Penn Road. Many thanks to everyone who has supported this week  and helped  make it so successful.


With Sport Relief  next week, we hope that children continue to keep fit and eat healthily!