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St Marys School V Chalfont St Peter Academy

The Year 6 netball A team were driven over to St Marys School on Tuesday to play our first match of the season.  We were given our positions and the match began...


The first goal was scored by St Marys but we quickly worked hard to score an equaliser.  However before we knew it in the second quarter we were 3-2 down. The third quarter we had great play in defence allowing us to keep them out of the D and get lots of interceptions.  We worked even harder in the third quarter and improved our attack allowing us to equalise. 


With one minute to go we managed to get the ball into the D and Lara scored the winning goal with a final score of 3-4 to Chalfont St Peter Academy. 


After the match we had a drink and biscuit and celebrated our victory!

By Ella (captain).