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Raspberry Pi Workshops June 2015

Thanks to the skills of one of our computer-expert parents, we have been able to run some introductory workshops, providing the basic information about the capabilities of "Raspberry Pi" units. In fact this small piece of electronics is actually incredibly powerful, being able to control motors, use face-recognition software in order to manipulate a pair of "googly" eys to turn and look at you when you walk in the room or re-create possibilities within the world of Minecraft!


Our children were fascinated to investigate the amazing possibilities of this kit, some of whom have them at home already, but perhaps are not quite sure how to use them.


The success of the workshops and the feedback from the children have perhaps opened up new possibilities for a club next year where children will learn how to use their coding knowledge from computing lessons within this extraordinary world of programming a Raspberry pi!


A huge thank you to Mr Allen for his enthusiasm to inspire our children.