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Radio Christmas

On Friday 21st of December at 7pm, we nervously stepped into 50 chestnut lane we couldn`t believe we were just about to be on the radio!!


As we walked inside Dunc Dyason (the founder and head) greeted us. He gave Madhu her lanyard and went over to his computer to make Lucia`s lanyard. While we were waiting Dunc said that there were little fairies inside with ink on their feet dancing round on the lanyard to make “Lucia” printed on! (It’s all right we didn’t believe him!)


We sat down and patiently waited until our turn.

The fun had started; it was all going well until suddenly a disaster struck in the middle of our presentation; the computer jammed and there was silence, as Madhu gasped for breath Lucia started to giggle in the microphone which made Madhu giggle too. We were done for, we thought!!!


Luckily, the rest went well; actually amazing! We got our first e-mail from Lucia`s sister which left us so happy, but there was more to come! Half way through, we got an e-mail from MR AND MRS UNDERWOOD!!! “Oh” how glad we were sooooo pleased! It definitely made radio Christmas special for us.


After that we received an encouraging e-mail from Mrs Rowley which made us bounce up and down with joy!

Altogether we raised fourteen pounds, many thanks for all you texts and e-mails as they helped raise money for street kids in Guatemala and Honduras.


Radio Christmas was the funniest yet rewarding experience that we’d ever had!!!!


Click here to hear our broadcast