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New Era Speech and Language exams

Well done to the following children who have taken, and passed, their New Era exam this year:


Year 3 Preliminary

Megan A                      Kiran C
Lexie S                        Sara P
Leo Y                           Freya W
Isabel A                       Tamsin P
Beth C                         Ruben L
Amelia F                      Amreen J
Annabelle T                 Emily C
Meher K
Year 4 Transition
Raameen K                Vanislav Y
Amaya J                     Roxy B
Simran B                    Tatiana M
Augustin V                  Anuj K
Alisha B                      Luna G
Eva M
Year 5 Grade 1
Connie W                   Lizzie A
Annabelle O               Daisy C-T
Sylvie T
Suhani K
Ada Y
Mia N
Year 6 Grade 2
Mae A
Darcy E
Oliver D-B
Anna S
Jessica P