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Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival 6th October 2016


We made our first visit of the new school year to church for Harvest festival. With the retirement of our vicar, Revd. Charles Overton we were warmly welcomed by Revds. Ben Topham and Jim King. The children were beautifully behaved, arriving smartly with their gifts of food, this year being distributed via The London Run charity. Year 6 children led the service whilst the letters of the word "HARVEST" were rearranged to remind us that we need to give thanks to God for the food that we "HAVE"; we need to "SAVE" food; that some people "STARVE" through lack of food caused by drought or floods; we need to "SHARE" with those who are less fortunate than us; the farmers need to "REST" after the long hours spent bringing in the crops so that we can "EAT" the amazing foods we are used to enjoying. The church looked wonderful as always with its harvest displays and we all enjoyed interpreting the focus of each display.