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Girls' football match v Elangeni: Tuesday 9th February

On Tuesday the girls' football team had a league match against Elangeni School. It was a very challenging matach the girls played really well. Rosie, Evie and Charlotte played rilliantly in defence; Kate did really well in goal, saving almost every sho; Cerys, Emily, Isabella were fantastic in mid-field and Amber, Sash and Emily B were 'awesome' up front.


In the first hald, the girls won a penalty but unfortunately they missed the shot. It was a muddy and cold day on Mill Meadow, making it very difficult play.


In the second half, Elangeni scored, making the score 1-0. By then it had started to rain, Sash nearly scored and so did Cerys but unfortunately, it didn't go our way. By the end of the game the score was 1-0 to Elangeni.


report by Miss N Romain

Thank you to all the supporters who came to watch the girls play and well done to the girls for fighting a good fight!