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Flight Lessons in Y6

Year 6 have been studying the history of space flight this term; an exciting new topic introduced this year as part of our brand new four year curriculum. This tied in perfectly with the incredibly adventurous Rosetta Mission to land a robotic probe upon a comet. Having learnt about the historical human 'firsts' of Yuri Gagarin, Valentina Tereshkova and Neil Armstrong and the robotic endeavours of Voyager, Mariner and Curiosity, here was a rare opportunity to witness history in the making!

In trying to provide some idea of scale and complexity of the undertaking, one analogy of what has been achieved is that it is like throwing a hammer from London to Delhi in India to hit a nail on the head.

So on the day after such an incredible achievement, the year 6 children enjoyed a history lesson detailing the 25 year history of the Rosetta mission, an excellent video made by the European Space Agency of the science behind landing on a comet and live news feed of the very first pictures of the comet's surface as they came in! All this was punctuated by highly inquisitive Q&A sessions.