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Festival - 16th March, 2011 Echoes - 28th March, 2011

Dear Parents,


Many thanks for all your support this term as we prepared for Festival and Echoes 4.


A special “thank you” to all those parents who helped out with transport to rehearsals for both events. It really helped keep the cost down as there were an awful lot this time! There were also the parents who came back from Festival with a music stand in their car. Thanks.


A very special “thank you” to Mrs Eden, Mrs Newman and Mrs Southwell who made the waistcoats and to St Peter Players for the loan of 11 waistcoats.

Another special “thank you” is to the Dobinson family who undertook to transport the drum kit to Chesham and return it and were only too pleased that Carl was asked to play at both evenings. Well done, Carl.


Thanks to all of you who made the trips to Chesham and London and I hope you were as proud of your children as I was. To those who, for various reasons, couldn’t make it you’ll get to hear some of the music on Thursday evening at Music Evening. So make sure you get your ticket!


To my friends on the staff, may I say a big “thank you” again for all the help and support and single out Mrs Hill and Mrs Pegler in particular, as they were with us all day on Monday.


The final “THANK  YOU” from me goes to all the children. They did a magnificent job and were a delight to take out. May their interest in music of all kinds grow with the years and may they look back with affection on the great times they had in the last two weeks.


We had a photo call today and I hope you like the results!

I hope to see you on Thursday evening but if not, may I wish you all a very Happy Easter.
Best Wishes,


Linda Harper