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Fairtrade Coffee Morning at the Church Hall : Wednesday 4th March 2015

On Wednesday 4th March, members of our "Wings" group, all went to the church hall to help serve coffee and soup at a Fairtrade coffee event at St Peter’s Church hall.

As the Wings, we went in to help at this charity event which celebrates the idea of Fairtrade, a charity which tries to ensure that everyone gets a fair amount of money for their products across the world.

Ted and Joshua washed up the dirty dishes, getting rather wet in the process but the ladies were very grateful for their help.
Cerys served members of the parish their lunch, having to remember lots of different menu choices whilst Moneir helped to clean the tables and collect the dirty dishes. 

Nicole and Archie counted the money raise so far, a total of approximately £127- WOW!

Maisey and Arabella sat behind the shop, trying to drum up business as people came and left.

Now when we are out shopping we are all going to try and buy products which show the Fairtrade symbol.


(The Wings)