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European Day of Languages

On Friday 26th September 2014, Chalfont St Peter CE Academy celebrated the European Day of Languages. Throughout the school, children learned a little of a new language: Year 3 learned some German, Y4 learned some Spanish, Year 5 learned some Italian and Year 6 learned some Russian! Such is the talent of our teachers, that we are able to offer all of these different languages. With special lessons and activities prepared, children embraced just some of the languages of the world we live in.


With the extra curricular clubs in school including Mandarin, during a special assembly Mrs Downie, our MFL coordinator and specialist teacher, raised the awareness of language, its diversity and beauty through the Mandarin Club role-playing a little sketch in Chinese Mandarin and counting to 10. All this after just 2 after-school sessions !


Approximately 30 children across the school were able to stand up in assembly and speak a little of a language, other than English, which they speak at home. We heard Afrikaans, Gujarati, Polish, Turkish, Lebonese, Swedish, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Portugese, to name but a few!


Singing songs, reciting poems and watching a clip from "Frozen" sung in dozens of different languages was a real treat. A super day celebrating the rich variety of language.