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Autumn Clubs Update

Autumn Clubs Update: 17th September 2014


Lego club: for Year 3 starts tomorrow on Thursday lunchtimes beginning with Class 1 this week (18/9/14), Class 2 next week ( 25/9/14) and Class 3 the following week (2/10/14)


Art Club: for Year 3 will begin on Tuesdays after half term (4/11/14) (letters will be issued in due course)


Autumn Clubs Update: 16th September 2014


Batik Club: Batik club starts today for Year 6. 11.45-12.15 in class 10. Club will run for 6 weeks with the current children and then children will be taken from the waiting list.


Young Entrepreneurs for Year 6: The introductory presentation for Young Entrepreneurs is on Tuesday 23rd Sept to the year group. We will give out applications and business plans that day.


Autumn Clubs Update: 15th September 2014


Clubs are gradually starting up again for the autumn term. A full list of clubs, their timings and year group relevance will be available shortly on the Clubs/Activities page.

For now, an update was given during assembly today:


Y5 Mandarin Club: begins this Weds 17th Sept after school. (slips to be returned to Mrs Roffey/Mrs Downie asap please)


Y5/6 Girls' Football Club will begin next Tuesday 23rd September after school. Letters will be handed out to any Y5 or Y6 girls tomorrow.


Cross Country begins this Wednesday 17th September for all of the children handed an invite letter during cross country running during games sessions last week. This is just a small group in the first instance which will grow following further opportunities to run during games sessions throoughout this term ahead. Numbers are restricted for safety.


Y5 Sewing Club: begins the week after next - more information to follow from Ms Meek.


Y6 Netball trials will take place this Thursday 18th September after school.


Gymnastics: Open clubs for intermediate (can perform the basic movements confidently) and advanced (can perform the more advanced movements) gymnasts. Mon-girls 7.45am-8.35am (great to see nearly 30 girls arrive this morning!) and Friday for boys 7.45-8.35am. Beginners club with open access will begin shortly during a lunchtime. (information to follow). Squad training - Tues after school.


Y3/4 Buddy Club: begins on Wedensday lunchtime (teachers will inform children when/where to attend)


Open Chess Club: begins this Thursday 18th Sept in the drama studio. A knowledge of how to play chess is useful!


Impact Reporters: First meeting will take place this Friday lunchtime - new year group representatives will be elected this week. 'Old' and 'new' reporters to attend please.


Christ Club: will begin during lunchtimes (Monday/Thursday ) next week, with our new Church Youth Worker, Luke.


PFO Football Club: Started today, after school - open access.


Drama: Mrs Pegler is running her 'New Era' drama club - letters via school office, numbers restricted by space.


Table Tennis: Two sessions have are now being offered, one for 'Lions' and one for 'Tigers' which began last week on Tues and Thurs mornings 7.45-8.35am. This now allows for greater playing time for those children involved. An open access club for players who would like to practice and play will open up during a lunchtime - further information to follow. Squad players training -Weds after school.