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Mrs White's Keyboard and Cello lessons


Week 2 Spring term, w/c 11 January 2021. 




First Year Level 1

  • Learn all the pieces for right and left hand.

  • Concentrate on the new pieces for left hand. Note F 5th Finger. Learn the four new pieces page 30 and 31.

  • Choose your three favourite pieces and make sure they are fluent and ready for performance to start the lesson next week.


Second Year Level 2

  • Prepare three pieces for performance from Book 2. Make sure notes are accurate.

  • Try Page 8 to a voice suitable for footsteps in the snow. Might use flute / strings?

  • Have a look at Scarborough Fair - prepare for next week.

  • We will start the prep test pieces in lessons this term. 

Level 3 Passed Prep Test last term

  • Cockatoo - keep learning the first line and have a look at line 2.

  • Parsons Farewell - look at line 1 and 2 right hand only

  • Have a look at La Bamba - it's a duet and will sound good to play together!


Level 4 Grade 2

  • Learn the scales set last week ready for Tuesday lesson.
    (G Major, F Major, A Minor and D Minor, 2 Octaves, hands together; C Major, 2 Octaves)

  • Have a look at action Adventure first 2 lines. Look at right hand and add left hand.

  • Learn La Bamba duet - we can play together next Tuesday.




Level 1- First Year

  • Continue with the first 6 pieces performing with CD - Pizzicato (plucking).

  • Learn On Top of Old Smokey with CD backing - counting carefully.

  • Learn Clown Dance - make sure this is very rhythmic and play in time with the strong beat!


Level 2- Second Year

  • Continue learning scales and arpeggios for Grade 1. Test next Tuesday! From memory.

  • Prepare A1 Mattachins for next week.

  • Prepare C1 Flag Dance.