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Mrs White's Keyboard and Recorder lessons

This is Lesson 11 for the summer term, week beginning 6 July. 



  • Level 1, Year 1
  1. Warm up pieces from Laughing Clown to end of book 1.
  2. Play through the Alphabet, My Black Cat, The Zebra and Turkey in the Straw.
  3. Learn Can you Feel the Love Tonight, Do Re Mi, and start Be Our Guest this week.
  4. Next week is performance week and you hopefully can perform your top ten pieces then.
  5. Good Luck- make notes accurate and hold notes on for the correct length! Don’t forget slugs, spiders ,snails and rests!!


  • Level 2, Year 2
  1. Warm up pieces from the front of the book
  2. Play through Footsteps in the snow,  Moon and Stars Waltz, The Fairground, War Drums and Marching.
  3. Learn Ode to Joy and perform all through. Rit at the end!
  4. Learn and revise Be Our Guest, Edelweiss, Can You Feel.
  5. Extra Persian Market and Waltzing Elephants.


  • Prep Test
  1. Play through Train Ride and My Brass Band
  2. Learn Be Our Guest, Do Re Mi Ode to Joy, Kum Ba Yah, Persian Market and Waltzing Elephants
  3. Prepare Mary Ann- on sheet.


  • Grade 1 
  1. Scales A minor and D minor learn this week. Play C, D, F and G major hands separately
  2. Learn broken chords on G and then F IN RIGHT AND LEFT HAND. Use scale book for fingering.
  3. C major contrary motion 2 octaves.
  4. Try to play through the last line of each piece perfecting the rhythms and timing in last two bars. Then play all through. Revise third line of each piece to make sure note perfect and dynamics are added.
  5. Sight read all the sheets sent in the post this term for performance next week!


  • Grade 2
  1. Warm up with scales of G minor, C minor and E minor. Check the scale book if unsure.
  2. Learn broken chord left hand on F. Check scales book.
  3. Learn The Entertainer right hand all through and put first 3 lines hands together.
  4. If time learn Country Gardens – F sharp and C sharp -watch out for at the beginning!



  1. Revise the scales of C, D, G and F Major. Check scales book.
  2. Revise all three exam pieces. Learn the last line first, and make sure you observe dynamics and hold on rhythms for correct lengths.
  3. Practise Simple Gifts all through ready with dynamics now.
  4. Piano Sonata and Papageno’s song – Keep performing all through with dynamics. Gentle phrasing and breathing.
  5. Extra Work  have a look at March – D Sharp uses 3 plus 2 ½ fingers at the bottom.