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UPDATED NEW RESOURCES: Easter holiday ideas for families are now available in the home learning section under 'Coronavirus Information'.

Mrs Finn

NEW WORK ADDED! Week beginning Monday 30th March


Monday's Task:


Log on to and complete the exercises about suffixes and prefixes.


**Also, please catch up with any outstanding tasks on your account**


'Sort the suffix' sheets.

Choose your level: 1 star, 2 star or 3 stars.


Sort the suffix

Adding a prefix

Tuesday's Task:

 Reading comprehension - 'The Story of Easter'

Choose your level: 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars



The Story of Easter reading comprehension

Wednesday's Task:


'Eye of the storm'

Watch the video on literacy shed


The video of "Eye of the Storm" tells the story of an anonymous airship pilot, whom we see in a very dark, simplified form  deciding in his melancholy to steer his airship into a massive (and possible ether-driven) storm. Throughout the video we see him preparing his craft, setting it on "autopilot", and saying goodbye to his one companion- a dragon. 


Write a description of the scene and include some dialogue between the pilot and his dragon, using punctuation for direct speech.



Thursday's Task:


Re-watch the video 'Eye of the storm'


Write a letter from the pilot to his family saying goodbye and explaining his plans.



Friday's Task:


Re-watch the video 'Eye of the storm'


Write your own ending to the story. Write what you think happens next. What happens as he goes through the storm? What is on the other side? 


** If anyone would like to share some of their writing with me, I would love to see what you have written! You can email me via the school office.**
PREVIOUS WORK: Work Beginning (Monday 23rd March)

Wednesday's Task:


Watch the short film "Adventures are the pits"

Write bullet points to describe the key events in the story.

Create a cartoon strip showing the main events in the story (about 8 different stages). You should write a brief description of what is happening under each picture.

Draft your work today.

Thursday's Task:

Today create your cartoon strip in neat, adding colour. Make sure you check that your spelling and punctuation is accurate. You could include speech and thought bubbles for the character if you wish. 

Friday's Task:


Re-watch the short film if you like.


  • Imagine your slide can end anywhere - where would it end?  Describe opening your eyes at the end of the slide - where are you?                                                        Write a descriptive paragraph using adventurous vocabulary and a full range of different types of punctuation.