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Mrs Finn

**Please try to catch up with any outstanding tasks on your mymaths account**

NEW WORK ADDED! Week beginning Monday 30th March


This week we are going to learn about graphs. You will need to log on to your mymaths account every day, follow the lesson and then complete the home learning tasks.


Monday's Task:

Line graphs and 2-way tables.

Line graphs.


Tuesday's Task:

Distance-Time graphs.


Extension:  Real-life graphs worksheet

Real-life graphs worksheet

Real-life graphs Answers

Wednesday's Task:

Reading pie charts

Drawing pie charts


Extension - pie charts worksheet

When drawing your own pie charts, you could draw round a circular object if you do not have a compass. Hopefully, everyone should have their own protractor!



Thursday's Task:


Make sure that you follow the mymaths lesson first!


Misleading graphs.




Friday's Task:


Make sure that you follow the mymaths lesson first!


Scatter graphs.

Line of best fit.


Extension: Scatter graphs worksheet

Scatter graphs worksheet

Scatter graphs Answers



Tower of Hanoi Investigation (my maths)