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Mrs Burgess and Mrs Gale

NEW WORK ADDED! Week Beginning 30th March 2020


Welcome to Week 2 of home learning! We hope you enjoyed the tasks we set for you last week. We were really pleased to see your scores on Keep up the great work this week!

Mrs Burgess & Mrs Gale




Today we are exploring expanded noun phrases.


What is an expanded noun phrase?


An expanded noun phrase is a phrase made up of a noun and at least one adjective. If one or more adjectives are listed to describe the noun, a comma should be added to separate the sentence. 


We have set you a task to complete on which will test your understanding of expanded noun phrases. You can then use the table below to plan and construct 10 expanded noun phrases, such as: the fierce, ugly troll beneath the bridge.



Today we would like you to complete the comprehension activity to practise your retrieval, inference and prediction skills using, 'The Story of Easter'. We have also included the answers so that you can mark your own work.


Additional/extension activities


If you would like some additional work this week you could take a look at our Grammatical Terms & Word Classes quiz to assess your knowledge and retrieval skills within SPaG. This great challenge grid helps to assess your knowledge of SPaG concepts relating to grammatical terms and word classes.

Wednesday's Task


The Ridge - Danny Macaskill




Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

Watch the film but please do not try this at home!


First activity


Brainstorm a range of vocabulary such as adjectives, adverbs, verbs etc inspired by the film and Danny, the rider, to describe:

  • the scenery
  • weather
  • Danny's effort
  • Danny's thoughts and feelings


Second activity


At school you would all ask to watch it again - so yes of course you can if it helps!


Write a paragraph describing the view from the top and how Danny is feeling.




You can work at your own pace for the next two days to complete the following tasks. We already can't wait to read them!


First Activity - The Setting


Using strong vocabulary and building a sense of atmosphere through description, write a paragraph to describe the setting. Be bold, adventurous and daring with your words and punctuation.


Second Activity Main Task


To write in first person (as if you are Danny) describing what he did, how he achieved it and how he felt in the end.


Plan, draft, edit and improve


When you are happy with your edited writing and have read it aloud to a member of your household, you can publish and illustrate it in your book. 


Words of the week


mischievous chosen by Emily G


harass chosen by Rishi


sacrifice chosen by Luke


category chosen by Annabelle


language chosen by Chanan


accommodate chosen by Lilli


bruise chosen by Daisy


leisure chosen by Emily D


amateur chosen by Eesa


Please write an interesting and effectively punctuated sentence for each word. You could challenge a family member and see who writes the best sentence!




PREVIOUS WORK - Week beginning Monday 23rd March 2020

Monday's Task


In our English lessons we have been reading the comprehension booklet, ‘Golden Dreams’ which focuses on the story of King Midas as well as some information about The Gold Rush.

Please re-read the booklet to remind yourselves of the content. You will then need to complete the reading answer booklet that we started in class. You can write these questions into your book that you were given, on paper, or print a copy of the booklet if you are able to. Remember to take extra care with the three mark questions and also the questions that require an answer to be written in the first person.


Extension/optional activities.

Midas thinks only of short-term gain: as a mortal he does not have the ability to look ahead and see the inevitable consequences of his wish. Midas, like many people, comes to realise too late that it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Writing activity 1: Write your own Midas-style story, using a different wish (e.g. for endless junk food, computer games etc.) as the starting-point for the story.

Writing activity 2: Write an alternative ending, trying to bring the story full circle. Ensure that the final sentence sums up the message of the story. 

Writing activity 3: Write a debate - 'There is more to life than money.'

Tuesday's Task


Last week we set you Grammar Test H at We reviewed the results with you in class on Wednesday and addressed any errors. This has been set again if you would like to have another try to complete it and improve your score.


We have also set you:

  • hyphens, dashes and bullet points (A)
  • formal and informal (A)



Wednesday's Task


In class we used your research to write survival guides or Information guides on Antarctica. By popular demand the next challenge is to design a poster advertising Antarctica. Remember that you are encouraging someone to want to visit so remember:

persuasive devices such as modal verbs - must, should etc

                                        modal adverbs - definitely, certainly etc

                                        evaluative language - incredible, outstanding etc

powerful statements- Just think about it

some facts and figures

reasons to visit - what they will see, do etc


Think about how you will organise your poster and the persuasive writing you will use.

Thursday's Task


A Five Day Diary Entry


Please write a diary entry as someone who has seen your poster and is now in Antarctica. You are writing a daily diary for five days chatting about your thoughts and feelings of your trip. You could include pictures (like Michael did in Kensuke's Kingdom) of things you have seen or done. As it is a diary it can be a more informal and chatty style of writing. 


Friday's Task


A letter of complaint


Please write a letter of complaint to the travel company who booked and organised your trip for you. The following things happened and you are not happy:

  • flight was delayed by many hours
  • no food or drink was available
  • not enough seats to sit and wait
  • airport staff were not helpful or informative in any way
  • your baggage went missing


This writing will be more formal and you need to outline the reasons you are not happy with the trip. What would you like the travel company to do about your complaints eg refund you, upgrade you next time?


Draft your letter first, edit and publish.

Word of the Day


Please write a sentence for each word like we do in class so no simple ones and with relevant higher order punctuation.


embarrass chosen by Agam


aggressive chosen by Masra


parliament chosen by Vinay