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Mrs Burgess and Mrs Gale

On this page you will find day by day maths activities to keep you engaged and achieving educationally. Please do not worry if you end up doing the tasks on different days, as we understand you may not always have access to a computer. If you are finding the work too challenging, you can find some alternative tasks at the bottom of this page. These activities will be easier to complete without the support of an adult. We will also include some additional tasks that you can complete as extra work if you wish. Good luck and remember how proud we are of all your achievements so far! Look after yourselves and your families and we look forward to seeing you soon. Mrs Gale & Mrs Burgess.

NEW WORK ADDED! Week beginning Monday 30th March 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to Week 2 of home learning! We are really missing seeing you in class. It's been great to see your fantastic scores on mymaths. Keep up the great work! Mrs Gale & Mrs Burgess



This week we will be consolidating our understanding of ratio and proportion.


What is ratio?


Ratio is used to compare values. It is usually used when working with quantities as it helps you keep them in balance. 


Ratio and Proportion


A ratio is a comparison of values which shows how much of one value there is compared to another value. For instance, if we have 25 children in our maths group and 15 are girls, the ratio of girls to boys would be 15:10. However, this number could also be simplified and still be correct, so the ratio of girls to boys could also be expressed as 3:2.


A proportion, on the other hand, is the comparison of one value to a whole and it is often expressed as a percentage. Using the above example, the proportion of girls in the class would be 60%.


This presentation is all about ratios and proportions! We have looked at this in class but we have included it as a reminder for you. We have also included an interactive powerpoint version if you are able to use powerpoint. If not it can be viewed as a PDF.

Today you will need to log into your mymaths account. You will find 2 tasks have been set on ratio and proportion. You can then complete the ratio worksheet below. You could print the sheet or simply write the answers in your book. You can find the answers below if you would like to mark your own work. Good luck!



Today you have some sheets where you will need to continue the sequences, counting on in multiples of the first numbers to find equivalent ratios. The first one is done for you. We have included the answers so that you can check your own work. 



For each grid, write the ratio as you see it and then write the ratio in its simplest form. Show your working out. The first one is done for you.



Today we will focus on ratio and proportion with measurements. Your work today features a set of scenario questions based on two recipes which are also included. Use these recipes to answer the questions on the worksheet. We have included the answers so you can check your own work at the end.



Today you will need to log in to mymaths and complete Ratio Dividing 1&2



Today we have set you an arithmetic paper for you to complete at home. We have also included the answers on the back page. You could print the booklet or write the questions out in your maths book. Good luck everyone and try to beat your last score! 

Additional/Optional Activities



PREVIOUS WORK: Week beginning Monday 23rd March 2020


In our maths lessons last week we learnt how to find missing angles in a triangle. This week we will be consolidating our knowledge of angles and extending this to finding angles in other shapes. 


We have set you 4 tasks on that relate to angles. You may wish to remind yourself of the different types of angles first by looking at the image below. Please note that the activities will not become live until Monday 23rd March. 


UPDATE - As well as the angles work set, there are also some additional activities on mymaths. These are all optional consolidation activities for you to complete if you wish. They will remain live until Sunday. 


Monday's Task

To revisit our learning from last week by finding missing angles in triangles. Remember that the sum of the internal angles of a triangle is 180 degrees. You can show your workings in the maths book you were given. If you don't have one, you can show your workings on paper. Good luck!

Tuesday's Task Angles 1

Wednesday's Task Angles 2


Thursday's Task Angles 3


Friday's Task Angles 4