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Gardening Club - May, 2013

he Gardening Club has already been busy this year with all the Tulips & Daffodils now in full flower alongside the wallflowers planted late last year.


We started gardening again a couple of weeks ago and started 2013 by planting some new rose bushes in the front garden outside the front door of the school. We also planted up some potatoes in Sacks, one for each year group, which are growing well. The roses & the potatoes have both benefited from our first batch of compost from our compost bins that were started 3 years ago with Mrs Hill.


Over the last couple of weeks we have been preparing lots of troughs and pots ready to be planted up with some more flowers once it gets a little warmer and the risk of an overnight frost has passed.


We have managed to plant up a few pots around school with some sweet williams and also some 'pinks' that were grown in our greenhouse from cuttings.

We have also planted up some sunflowers and runner beans in pots (in the green house) ready to be planted out in the warmer weather.


Gardening Club is open to any child who wishes to come along and join in, usually during a Tuesday lunchtime.