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Curriculum Aims


The Headteacher, Senior Leadership Team, Governors, Staff and Pupils, through discussion, consultation and feedback, have created a series of key aims that are essential for the high quality education provided by Chalfont St Peter CofE Academy. These are in essence the ‘Non-Negotiables’ of our school and are key to high quality learning.


The Chalfont St Peter Church of England Academy’s four-year journey provides the opportunity for all our children to become:


  • Successful learners who respond enthusiastically to their learning, by developing lively, enquiring minds, through mental and physical challenges which enable them to make progress and achieve their full potential
  • Confident individuals who acquire and use relevant knowledge and skills through being independent, well-organised, motivated, resilient students who have a strong understanding of themselves
  • Responsible citizens who are able to show care, respect, tolerance and humanity, accepting individual difference regardless of gender, race, religion, faith and culture with the ability to make a positive contribution to our global society

Successful learners who:

  • Know their strengths, talents and areas for development
  • Develop strong literacy, numeracy and ICT skills acquired through being creative, resourceful and able to solve problems
  • Reason, question and evaluate
  • Are good communicators and can work well both independently and collaboratively
  • Enjoy and achieve personal excellence, through highly motivated attitudes to work and school activities


Confident individuals who:

  • Show good self esteem and are able to relate to and appreciate others
  • Understand their own emotions and have strategies to deal with life problems
  • Make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Manage risks, stay safe and act responsibly
  • Aware of their own responsibilities


Responsible citizens who:

  • Show enterprise, leadership and ingenuity
  • Appreciate that values of integrity, respect, and honour are essential when treating others well
  • Are prepared for work and life by demonstrating skills like punctuality, resourcefulness and commitment
  • Have a strong understanding of their own heritage and culture and appreciate the context of their own neighbourhood within the global situation
  • Challenge the injustice and selfishness of our world and promote the development of attitudes, actions and beliefs that will benefit people as well as the planet, to make the world a better place


More detailed information about the curriculum by year group can be found in the year group pages in the Children's section.