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CSPA Physical Activity

It is important that all of us remain active and healthy during this time. It is recommended that Primary school children will be active for 1 hour every day, even when you are at home. Joe Wicks (The Bodycoach) is performing an online PE lesson at 9:00 every morning during the week that can account for 30 minutes of this physical activity.  

Tune in to his channel to join in with the session.


On top of this, you will need to do another 30 minutes throughout the day. This can be your choice of activity that will keep you physically fit and is enjoyable. Throughout the week, it would be good if your activities involved a range of the following fundamental movement skills:










These activities could be things like creating an obstacle course that tests a range of skills. Skipping or running in the garden, walking the dog or throwing and catching games with siblings. You can be as creative as you wish with his 30 minutes, but please ensure you keep yourself active.