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CSPA Google Classroom

I am really pleased to be able to share with you with lots of guidance and information to support you with launching Google Classroom successfully at home. As you know, the CSPA teaching team have all been working really hard over the past week to dip their toes into the new world of virtual learning and we, like you, are excited to learn of the possibilities this new style of teaching can offer. 

Below are the following two documents:

  • a guidance document to read with your child - this contains information about how to logon, how to access and submit work and other helpful tips
  • a two week rolling timetable showing the days on which different subjects are set

You will see that we have deliberately been very mindful of the amount of work that we set. Catering for such a large number of families means that we need to consider many factors that vary in each household such as; access to internet, compatible devices, parents working from home, those who need additional support, as well as those who need an extra push and challenge!

As a starting point, teachers will be setting three 45 minute tasks to be completed every day. Maths and English will feature every day, other subjects will be rotated on a two week rolling programme to ensure that children are accessing the full breadth of the curriculum. Most tasks will be live for a couple of days or three before they need to be 'handed in' to allow families some flexibility in completing them around their own family schedule. I am sure that as both teachers and children become more familiar with Google Classroom, we may see our approach evolve.

To safeguard our teaching staff and pupils, we have made the decision at this point not to use live streaming however, teachers will be active on Google Classroom and will be on hand at various points during the school day to answer any questions that your child may have and also, to provide feedback on any work submitted. We respectfully ask that if you have any queries about the work being set that you (the parent) contact teachers via the school Office email. The Classroom communication stream is for the exclusive use of teachers and children. 

To ensure that your child is keeping up with their peers and that upon our return to school they do not have lots of gaps in their learning, I do expect that every child logs into Google Classroom at some point during every school day and completes the work set for them. If you have accessibility issues, please get in touch via the office email and we will try our best to support you with this.

If you are accessing other home learning resources such as Oak National Academy or BBC Bitesize, please do feel free to continue to use these to supplement your child's education, however please ensure that priority is given to the completion of work on Google Classroom.

As you will see reiterated throughout the guidance, this is new for all of us and we are all learning together in this unprecedented time. Please take comfort and strength from knowing that there is support for you from the CSPA family should you need it. 


With very best wishes, 

Mrs Broad