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Treasure Island

CSPA have special access to this performance by the Hobgoblin Theatre Company. You can view it with the password shared on Google Classroom and in the school newsletter.

Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular!

Enjoy this performance of the wonderful story of Aladdin!

"Disney's Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular" (Full Performance 1080p HD)

The 12:50 performance on January 8th, 2016 in the Hyperion Theatre at Disney California Adventure.

Here are  some activities you could do following the performance:

  • Write a review of the performance for the local newspaper
  • Retell the story from a certain character's point of view
  • Write a letter to one of the performers thanking them for their performance and sharing your favourite parts
  • Read the story of Aladdin and compare it with the musical performance - what was similar or different?

Monologue Performances


Perform your own dramatic monologue!

Try practising your performance skills by rehearsing and then performing one of the monologues suitable for young, aspiring actors from the document below. 


If you wanted to, you could record your performance or perform it live to an audience at home. 

Find a place where there is an abundance of natural light in front of you if possible. Natural light coming from a window illuminating your face/body is best.  


Remove all clutter from the place you’ll be performing. This doesn’t mean the room or space can’t have character or personality, but it should feel neat and non-distracting.

Ideally you don’t want to be right up against a wall, as it can make the viewer feel uncomfortable. Consider standing at least 12 inches or more from a wall.

DIY puppet theatre out of a shoebox

Enjoy watching the video about how to make your own puppet theatre.


It shows how you can use a box with an attached lid but you could use any suitable sized box and adapt it. You can add any additional details you'd like to such as the curtains, footlights and so on. 


You can decorate a sheet of paper with the backdrop and put in a different one for each scene. Straws work really well for the puppets but don't forget to attach them at the bottom of the straw so they can appear to walk on the stage.

Your Play

You can choose any story you like from a well known fairy tale, a favourite book or a  play you have studied (can you remember A Midsummer Nights Dream or Romeo & Juliet from the summer term?) or have fun making up a story about something you can remember or have experienced with your friends and family. Don't forget to include your pets if you have them!


Puppet theatres are a fun way of acting stories with lots of different characters although you have only got two hands to operate two puppets at a time - maybe you can find a way round that? Good luck and remember you can share your puppet theatres via Google Classroom with your teachers.