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Since the removal of levels as a standard approach to assessment, we have created our own bespoke assessment strategy called 'The CSPA Steps to Success'. This strategy is effectively targets/steps for the children to achieve within their year groups and are based on age-related expectations in the National Curriculum. All children have a 'CSPA Steps to Success' booklet for reading, writing and mathematics. These booklets are regularly used in lessons to ensure the children have an understanding of their learning journey from the prior learning to their current learning and onto their future learning. Teacher assessment happens in the classroom everyday in order for teachers to assess a child's understanding, inform their future planning and support/challenge a child when necessary. We also have steps for the 'CSPA Successful Learner' which encourages children to think about their growth mindset and approach to their learning.  


Children are encouraged to perform self-assessment of progress towards targets, against an A, B C system, in order for them to develop a greater understanding of their own performance and achievement. 


Teachers hold pupil-progress meetings at least twice termly in order to monitor children's individual performance and progress. Outcomes may include extra support or 'boostering' being implemented and/or a change in groupings for individual children.


“Teachers plan very carefully to ensure smooth progress, to match activities to learners’ needs and to enable pupils to use their preferred learning style.”
Ofsted 2009


A written/verbal progress update is issued to parents each term, giving a 'snapshot' of progress and a formal annual report is prepared by class teachers in the summer term each year. This includes information relating to achievements and targets in the subjects of the National Curriculum and comments on general progress.

Liaison between parents and teachers is encouraged and to this end, a variety of information evenings are held each term with workshops to assist parents in supporting their child are also held during the year. In the Autumn Term, Year Groups hold a meeting for parents to present information about the year ahead.


“Thorough assessment and marking give pupils clear targets for improvement.”
Ofsted 2006


The school administers a variety of ongoing assessments in years 3, 4, 5 and 6, in the form of tests/quizzes and teacher assessments in reading, writing and mathematics. In preparation for their end of Key Stage 2 national Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) in May, Year 6 take practice SATs papers in January. 


“Pupils have been taught to take  responsibility for their own learning: most know what they have to do to improve their work and are able to make decisions about how best to achieve their targets.”
Ofsted 2009